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Senior Voice America: Every Day is National Friendship Day at Freedom Plaza

From Senior Voice America,  August 8, 2023


Sun City Center, Fla. – Freedom Plaza, a senior living community, is celebrating National Friendship Day by highlighting the incredible bond formed within its Coffee Club. Established over six years ago, this club has become a cherished gathering place for residents, fostering support, camaraderie and a sense of purpose.

Every morning, the Coffee Club meets from 7 a.m. to approximately 9:30 a.m. in The American Grille, a cozy bistro at Freedom Plaza. The core group of approximately 8-12 men, known as the “jump starters,” welcomes both regulars and newcomers, creating an atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to participate.

“The Coffee Club gives many residents the motivation to get out of bed,” said Mike Anderson, a founder of the club and a resident at Freedom Plaza. “It is truly the best way to start the day – with a cup of coffee and great friends. I always leave with a big smile on my face.”

Initially created as a safe space for men to share their emotions and discuss life challenges, such as having a spouse in a higher level of care or coping with the loss of a spouse, the Coffee Club has evolved over time. After the COVID-19 pandemic, women began to participate, and now the club is open to all residents. It has transformed into a hub of support, laughter and community engagement, offering a helpdesk, resource center and drop-in club.

In addition to their daily gatherings, the Coffee Club organizes an annual cruise, with 10% of the proceeds donated to the Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund. This initiative not only strengthens the bonds and friendships within the group but also contributes to the community’s philanthropic efforts.

Friendships within the Coffee Club are nurtured through personal connections and acts of kindness. The members celebrate each other’s birthdays by providing donuts and cakes, acknowledging the joy of another year of life. Freedom Plaza wholeheartedly supports the Coffee Club by providing essential supplies such as coffee, creamer, and sugar, enabling this vibrant community social to thrive.

“It is heartwarming to see the incredible impact this club has on the lives of our residents,” said Tiffany Hernández, marketing and sales coordinator at Freedom Plaza. “The Coffee Club stands as a testament to the enduring bonds formed within the community, reminding us that every day can be a celebration of friendship.”


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