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3 Tips for Figuring Out How Much Space You Really Need in Retirement

senior couple touring senior living communities

For seniors contemplating a move to an independent living community, finding the perfect new home for retirement can come down to a careful balancing act. The ideal home needs to have plenty of space for you and your belongings, but there’s no sense in having extra rooms you don’t need or surrounding yourself with so much square footage that it’s difficult to maintain.

Ultimately, answering the question, “how big should your house be?” might be better phrased as “how big do you want your house to be?” The right answer for you might be the wrong answer for someone else. It all comes down to very personal decisions about the type of retirement lifestyle you envision.

With so many choices and factors to consider, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. These tips will make it as easy as 1-2-3 to get on your way toward moving day!

1. Set Your Priorities

In order to decide exactly what kind of home will suit you best in retirement — and determine how big it needs to be — you’ll need to decide what matters most: the home itself or its location. For many seniors, the answer is location. They’re attracted to the idea of an independent living community and the lifestyle it provides, so their home options are ultimately driven by the community they choose.

At Freedom Plaza, not only does the beautiful campus and exceptional amenities make it a leading choice in the Sun City Center area, but a wide range of floor plans also mean you can find virtually any size senior living apartment to make you feel right at home. Elegantly appointed residential options span deluxe studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Or, if a stand-alone home is more to your liking, the community even offers private terrace homes.

2. Consider How You’ll Use Your New Home

Try to avoid focusing too much on the square footage and more on how you’ll use and enjoy the space. Remember, senior apartments are designed for maximum efficiency, so even one- and two-bedroom floor plans can feel incredibly airy and spacious.

Before you even begin looking at senior apartment floor plans, you can narrow down the options by thinking about how you expect to use your new home. Figuring out what is a good-sized house for you means considering the answers to questions such as:

  • Will it be a home base while you travel frequently or a cozy retreat where you spend the majority of your time?
  • Do you enjoy entertaining, and if so, do you expect to host overnight guests?
  • How much extra storage do you need to accommodate both your everyday furnishings and your other precious belongings?
  • Are there certain features, such as a lanai or Florida room, that are must-haves in your new senior living apartment?
  • Is the thought of a smaller footprint, such as a studio or one-bedroom apartment, a welcome step toward simplified living or does it make you feel claustrophobic?
  • Would having more space, such as a two-bedroom apartment, help you feel more at home?
  • Do you embrace the idea of downsizing or do you prefer to maintain as much square footage as possible?
  • How can you create multi-purpose spaces, such as using a second bedroom as both a home office and guest room?
  • What potential changes, such as getting a new pet, could affect the amount of space you need?

3. Lean into Your Retirement Lifestyle

An important, but often overlooked, benefit of independent living is the extent to which your new community’s amenities can expand your living space. With so many options to fill your days, you’re likely to find you spend less time at home. What’s more, many of the services and amenities can actually eliminate the need for similar accommodations within your private living space.

For example, when you have access to beautifully prepared entrées and tempting desserts as part of your monthly plan, you don’t have as much need for formal dining space in your apartment. At Freedom Plaza, you’ll find virtually anything you crave, whether it’s in the community’s formal dining room, at the more casual All-American Grille or paired with a cocktail in The Pub.

You won’t have to worry about forsaking your hobbies, either. An arts and crafts studio is the perfect setting to create to your heart’s content and meet neighbors who share your interests. Woodworking facilities and a well-stocked library also offer ways for you to continue enjoying beloved pastimes — or acquire new hobbies, if you choose.

Another item you can cross off your list: making space for a treadmill or other workout equipment. Along with state-of-the-art machinery and weights, Freedom Plaza’s fully equipped fitness center features a heated indoor pool and hot tub, as well as group class space. You’ll also find pickleball and tennis courts, a heated outdoor pool, miles of beautifully designed walking paths and an 18-hole executive golf course.

Make Plans to Make a Move

Once you’ve considered what you really need in a senior apartment home, you’re ready to start exploring senior living communities and the floor plans they offer. A cheerful and inviting two-bedroom apartment is a great choice for a senior who is ready to rightsize but hesitant about giving up too much space.

Scheduling a tour at Freedom Plaza will take you a step closer to the retirement lifestyle you’ve been imagining and help you make some concrete decisions about how big your house should be. Call or email us today to arrange a private tour and learn more about upcoming events that will introduce you to the community.