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Why We’re a Great Retirement Community for Veterans

Female Vietnam Veteran Saluting looking content wearing Veterans cap, with American Flag in background.

Veterans, regardless of stripes and ranks, share a special bond. They believe in commitment and duty, and they know that with teamwork, they can accomplish anything. Is it any wonder then that when it comes time to retire, they seek out veteran-friendly senior living communities? Having a shared military background and experience provides them with an instant bond and a sense of recognition and respect. Plus, after years of traveling for different postings all over the country and world, they have one consistent place to call home.

At Freedom Plaza, our incredible veteran community is an active part our culture and a big reason why we’re unique among senior living communities. They also help make any veteran who crosses our threshold feel right at home.

Tampa is One of the Best Cities for Veterans

The personal finance website WalletHub released its annual report on the best and worst cities for veterans to live in, and Tampa was named the best city in the U.S. for military veterans. Their study compared the 100 most populated cities in the country based on 20 metrics in four categories: employment, economy, quality of life and health.

Why Veterans Flourish in Senior Living

After spending much of your military career moving around, it can be comforting for you and your spouses to live in a place where you can invest your time and talents while building lasting friendships and bonding over shared experiences. There are some military retirement communities — like Freedom Plaza — that provide veterans with social opportunities and activities based on their services to our country like our extensive Veterans Day celebration.

What Makes Freedom Plaza a Great Place for Veterans

At Freedom Plaza, being part of a senior living community with a large circle of veterans to socialize with is one of the greatest benefits of living here, but it’s not the only one. We provide a supportive setting for you and your spouse through outings, and on- and off-campus activities, including camaraderie events, showcase tributes, historic presentations and parades held with the reverence and dignity they deserve. Because the desire to serve and make the world a better place never retires, our residents volunteer at veterans’ charities, or other worthy organizations, to help other veterans receive the empathy and understanding they deserve. Our community also enjoys the active presence of the Retired Officers’ Corporation (ROC which helps to provide free services; such as memorial services, survivor assistance, Medicare and TRICARE claims, military retiree assistance, and more.

No Matter Which Branch You Served, Put Down Roots at Freedom Plaza.

Whether you served in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy or Marines, Freedom Plaza is a great place to set up as your home base. Our team can even help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of veterans’ benefits and financial assistance. To learn more about your veteran-friendly senior living options at our community, contact us here, call 813-280-5009 or use our Community Assistant chat feature to schedule a visit.